Pet Travel Carrier:

The biggest factor during relocation is your pet’s safety.  A pet carrier that allows room for your pet to move around in is key, as well as the amount of ventilation and the material in which it is made.  Many brands carry pet carriers that meet these requirements.  The one below is airline-approved durable and has ventilation on all sides.

Interior of the Pet Carrier:

Absorbent Material

Your pet’s carrier must have absorbent material on the bottom during travel.  You can use a towel, newspaper, pee pad, or any type of bedding.  IMPORTANT: make sure your pet has at least 3-4 inches of clearance over its head when both the bedding and the pet are in the carrier.

Water Dish/Dispenser

Option #1: Attach two water dishes inside the carriers door.  Fill one dish with regular water and one with frozen water.  This will ensure the pet has access to water for longer.

Option #2: Attach a water dispenser, like the one below, to the outside of the carrier door with the spout facing inside the carrier.  This will option will ensure the water will not spill and be available longer.

Travel Food Dish

It is important to feed your pet before it travels.  In the case of long trips, it is also important to have food available for your pet.  We recommend, taping a bag of dry food to the top of the pet’s carrier.  With the bowl below, the airlines can feed your pet during connecting flights:

Comfort Item

Give your pet something that will help them to think of you.  Since pets have a great sense of smell, use that to your advantage.  Place a unwashed shirt or sock in the carrier to help soothe their anxiety and help them relax.

Exterior of the Pet Carrier:

Zip Ties

Place zip ties on all four corners of the pet carrier for extra security.  Airline-approved carriers will have hole specifically for the zip ties.  Some airlines will provide them when checking in your pet.  We strongly recommend buying a pack yourself.

Directional Arrow Stickers

Place the Directional Arrow Stickers (This side up stickers) on both sides and back of pet carrier.

Live Animal Stickers/Shipper’s Declaration Sticker

Place the Live Animal Stickers on both sides, back and top of pet carrier.

Shippers Declaration Sticker goes on the top of the pet carrier and has the following information:

  • Date of Departure
  • Departure Airport/City
  • Connection(s)
  • Destination Airport/City
  • Airway Bill Number
  • Owner Contact Information
  • Pet’s Name
  • Pet’s Breed
  • Pet’s Color and Age
  • Date/Time Animal Was Last Fed
  • Food and Watering Instructions
  • Signature and Date

Adhesive Pouch

Insert copies of all required documents in the adhesive pouch and affix to the roof the pet carrier. (i.e. health certificate, rabies vaccination certificates, etc…)

On The Pet:

Pet Travel Collar:

Besides a pet carrier, the pet’s travel collar is the most important relocation item.  In the event your pet gets out of the carrier, the collar and information on the pet ID tag, will be crucial to its return.  When relocating a cat, it is important to use a breakaway collar.

Pet Identification Tag:

When providing information for your pet’s Identification Tag, make sure that you use the address and contact information of you and your pet’s destination.