Moving a Pet to Hawaii: At-Airport-Release Series – Step 2

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Your pet will need to have an electronic microchip implanted prior to the OIE-FAVAN blood test, if they don’t already have one.  It needs to be scanned by a veterinarian to verify it is working properly and to verify the microchip number is correct.

It is IMPORTANT that the chip is properly working to avoid your pet being subject to the 120 days quarantine.

Preparation is key to successful pet travel, especially when your pet is entering or returning to Hawaii.  Hawaii is the only US rabies-free state, and they take great care to keep it that way.  Check out our DIY Guide.  There is an entire section about microchipping you pet.

Disclosure:  This information was found on the Hawaii Quarantine website.  We strive to keep our content as current as possible, but we still encourage you to check their website for information and updates.