Moving a Pet: The Importance of Collars and Tags

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It is important to properly prepare your pet for traveling.  One important step is having the right collar and identification tags.  A basic, sturdy collar is best.  Your pet is not going to be judged on their fashionable collar, so when traveling, avoid collars that have spikes or anything that could possibly get hooked on metal grates or any other part of their kennel during travel.  Keep it simple.

Your pet identification tags should include the appropriate information.  It should include their name and your phone number.  If your pet is required to take medication, it may be worthwhile to include “Needs Medication” under the identifying information.

Another great idea is to add a URL where someone can find more information about your pet.  We recommend setting up a WordPress Website for your pet.  Create a one-page site with your pet’s information:  name, picture, your phone number, veterinarian’s information, notice of any medication and instructions, notice of dietary issue or illness, microchip number, most recent rabies vaccination date and anything else that you want to share that might be unique or special about your pet.  We don’t recommend putting your home address on the site.  Having your veterinarian’s location, since it is already public, is better than having too many personal details of yourself or your family.

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