Moving your pet isn’t that difficult…or expensive!!

We want you and your pet’s travel experience to be a pleasant one. With many variables to consider and keep track of, the stress of moving an additional “family” member can become overwhelming.  Each section of this guide will help you prepare for what can be expected in your pet’s relocation.

Does it matter what type of pet I have? Of course not! This guide will work if you are moving dogs, cast, birds or even reptiles. In addition, we have included a free Hawaii Pet Relocation Supplemental for pets moving to the Aloha State. We have even included information on the hardest type of pet relocation…moving a Bulldog or snub-nosed pet to Hawaii!


Pet relocations services charge hundreds, and many times thousands of dollars to assist in the relocation of your pet. On top of that, those charges are only for their services and do not include airfare, veterinarian expenses, or pet relocation supplies!!

Rest assured that you can do this!! Just follow the steps set forward in this guide and sit back and relax. Once your pet has arrived at its new home, you will feel great that you chose to relocate your pet yourself.


Don’t Hesitate…You can do it!!

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